Gold Coast Medical Foundation

Gold Coast Medical Foundation (GCMF) is an international non-government organization (NGO) that organizes volunteer medical mission trips to Ghana, West Africa for students and professionals.  Three weeks each year, GCMF partners with local and international organizations to recruit American and Ghanaian volunteers to travel to several Ghanaian regions to conduct general medical screenings and provide basic treatment for people who might otherwise have no access to medical services.  To date, GCMF has established 10 partnership agreements with American and Ghanaian institutions, provided direct medical care to over 20,000 patients, and referred approximately 1,500 patients in Ghana for ongoing care.  Ongoing challenges for GCMF include sustaining funding support, responding to the unmet need of the multiple communities that cannot be reached due to lack of resources, and scientifically rigorous monitoring and evaluation of the program.  We hope to provide support for GCMF programs.